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how the Jews crucified Stalin
How the Jews crucified Stalin. It was the year 1946, in the village Bratoshow resided only Jews, total fifty families. One Sunday a few very drunken young Jews from this village got the idea crucify Stalin. “We crucified Jesus ….we can crucify Stalin” – shouted drunken teenagers. And they hang up portrait of Stalin on the cross that stood near road to the village and built before the war began by the local German population, since removed from Bratoshow to the West of Europe. They laughed and cheered as they threw stones at Stalin’s portrait. Finally they got tired and went home to sleep. Upon awaking in the morning they went to work in the field. Stalin on the cross forgotten. Bad luck occurred (we can call it bad luck number one) …Moshe Rozenberg, county leader of the communist party got the idea to visit the small city of Pieszyce and told his driver Shmuel to drive first to village Bratoshow. “Let see what is going on there with my brother Abraham and his Jews “, said Moshe to Shmuel. They drove Botwina street and passed through the lower part of city Dzierzoniow and then proceeded on to Bratoshow. As they left the city they encountered fields full of wheat, rye, potatoes and beet, principally crops in this area. The sun was shining and all was silence, with the exception of a lone singing lark. Moshe enjoyed the ride in the car, feeling as happy as he could ever remember. As recent as a few months ago he was hiding out in a cellar at a farmer’s house in Ukraine, a location dug especially for him. He was hungry, cold and had great doubt that he would survive this cruel time. His car rolled past Jews working in the field. He greeted them and hands waived back. Moshe took his brother Abraham, the village leader of communist party, straight from the field. The two brothers saluted each other and then got into the car and started to talk about village issues. Bad luck occurred again (we can call it a bad luck number two) that at the entrance of the village Moshe just lifted his head up and saw… a portrait of Stalin on the cross. “Stop, stop!” he shouted to the driver. The driver stopped car immediately. “What’s happened?” asked Abraham. But Moshe was already at the cross and stood with his mouth open wide. Even the driver was shocked, because he had never seen something like this in his life… Stalin on the cross! Abraham was the last to get out of the car… and he almost fell dead when he saw Stalin on the cross. The three of them stood silently in a daze like a stone wall. Moshe awoke first from the lethargy. “ Shmuel, quickly …drive back to Dzierzoniow to the Office of Secret Police!” Both leaders got into the car and drove very fast using emergency signal. The people working in the field had wondered why the county leader left village so quickly using emergency signal. “ Apparently, he had something very important to do “ they thought to themselves. The brothers fled into the Office of Secret Police like a storm and made a report immediately to the emergency officer on duty. Within minutes phone calls were being frantically made. First to capital of the province, Wroclaw, and then to the country capital ,Warszawa. The team from the office of the secret police and county police officers, and even special emergency unit from Wroclaw were sent immediately to Bratoshow to investigate. All together a hundred people. Soon all the Jews were taken from fields and houses and transported to the jail in Dzierzoniow. A hearing would begin immediately, but no one admitted to the crime. “They will confess. They will …we have very effective methods “ claimed Captain Rozenzweig, newly promoted head of the investigative team. The special team that arrived from Wroclaw established his office in hotel Polonia . Next, they dutifully proceeded to work the case . Amazingly they investigated Abraham too! His brother Moshe did not even try to protest it. Abraham simply found himself on the list of suspects. Hearings rooms were full of screams and laments. However, still no one confessed. After two days suspects were taken to Wroclaw in a heavily armored convoy. It was rumored that the case of “crucified Stalin” has come to Jacob Berman a Jew and Chief of Security in the Political Bureau and to Boleslaw Bierut, the national leader of the communist party in Poland. Finally, the case has made it all the way to Moscow to Stalin himself. The future of the arrested Jews from Bratoshov did not look good. After a few days they were transported to jail in Warszawa. While in Warszawa they were labeled as a “special attention case“ and were under the “special care” of Radkiewitsch (Jew), member of the Prime Ministry Cabinet, and Chief of Secret Police Bureau Rozanski (Jew) and other investigation specialists . However, no one would confess. The Central Committee of Polish Jews sent to Jacob Berman team, asking to help with the situation. Berman said: “Nothing can be done in this case. It is already gone to Stalin“ “Maybe our Jews in the Kremlin…Lew Trockij and Kaganowitsh can help?” “They are communist, not Jews. And you should know that Lew Trockij has already lost the battle for power with Stalin and is in exile” answered Berman. Thus the captures cannot be released as a result of protection. Stalin was very angry about the fact that Jews, who owed him salvation, had made a mockery of his portrait. After a few days later in theKremlin. “Have any Polish Jews admitted to the crime?” Stalin asked Beria, another Jew, while signing some documents. “Unfortunately not ,“ said Beria and looked at Stalin awaiting further instructions. Stalin gestured his right hand in the thumbs down motion. “All?” asked Beria. “All, what is wrong with you…it is only 273 people!” growled Stalin. That was the end of the Jews from village Bratoshow. They shot them the same day, in the evening, in the basement jail of Lubianka. August 1 , 2009
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